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Personal training at Newavfit is not about using a cookie cutter approach for everyone. We are all unique, with a unique history, and unique goals. Newavfit is all about tailoring a training plan to your particular needs and goals so you can make progress at a pace that is right for you.

At Newavfit, we discuss health and lifestyle before we start you on a program of any kind. We’ve been conditioned over the years to focus on the scale as the best marker of our health and progress. However, weight is only one factor to consider, and by far not the most important. In addition, we focus on a healthy body with better mobility, endurance, strength and body composition. Your scale doesn’t measure any of these more important indicators of your health. Good health is part physical and part mental. So, we focus on achieving better health by improving both the physical aspects (mobility, strength, and endurance) and the mental aspects (self-discipline, good habits, and positive energy). We build your foundation to achieve a healthy lifestyle that lasts, not just a hot summer body. Although we can do that, too. 😉
My personal training mission is to help improve fitness levels from your current base over a reasonable period. For some, that means starting at a point where 10 minutes of endurance is challenging. For others, it means pushing yourself to the next highest level of fitness in your competitive arena. Fitness is a personal journey that requires a personal connection with a professional willing to help a client succeed.

EMS Training

There are several training styles and techniques out there that don’t apply to every individual. Newavfit focuses on assessing a client’s limitations and mobility levels during your assessment. Regardless of age, gender or background, almost everyone has an area that needs improvement. Back pain, neck pain, shoulder injury, hip mobility limitation, hamstring stiffness, and limited flexibility are some of the areas we assess during your first visit. As a certified trainer and EMS trainer, I understand the value of having healthy joints. In addition, the better your body moves the stronger it gets. Fitness is a lifestyle and mobility is a necessity. We channel our attention on improving mobility, which will unlock fitness, health and mobility for years to come.

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